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CMAR 600 RR road-rail sweeper

Its size gives the CMAR 600 RR compact sweeper a wide range of uses.

It has very high suction power on a sweeping width of over 3 m. It is also used to clean the rail grooves and their surfaces using a high pressure spray and the brushing and suction of the waste.

In this way, the machine guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the rails, but above all the driveability and braking capacities of the rolling stock, as well as its correct electricity supply. The power of the motor and the hydraulic system make it possible for the machine to fulfil its missions separately, without requiring an auxiliary motor while keeping it compact. 

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A French manufacturer of special vehicles and urban cleaning machines, CMAR is the European leader in urban scouring and the building of special vehicles

Constantly seeking quality, CMAR researches, innovates and modernises its equipment in line with urban evolution. CMAR has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and has its own integrated design office.

General performances 

  • Travelling speed: 25 km/h. This limited speed means that operators do not require a heavy goods vehicle driving licence and the vehicle does not require a registration number. 
  • In sweeping mode, the speed is between 5 and 15 km/h depending on the quantity of waste to collect. 
  • In rail cleaning mode, the speed is between 5 and 10 km/h depending on how dirty the grooves and rail surfaces are.
  • The machine is put on and taken off the rails in locations where the rails are embedded in a stable and load-bearing surface.  It takes no more than a minute to put it on the rails and less than 30 seconds to take it off the rails, making it possible for the vehicle to work while passenger services are running. 
  • The minimum track curve radius is very short. 
  • The vehicle can sweep grass zones without damaging them.
  • The vehicle can move, work, brake and remain stationary on the steepest network slopes, whatever the rail condition except for ice and snow.   
  • The fully loaded vehicle (GVWR 12.100 t) launched on a flat surface on dry rails at a speed of 25 km/h stops in less than 10 m.

FDMS Performances 

  • The vehicle has a 10 year service life
  • The vehicle provides its intended functions, outside preventive maintenance and services, without any other intervention than topping up fuel and lubrication. 
  • Mean number of failures on all vehicles in service (about 30 vehicles): very low
  • MTTR: very short
  • Aviability > 96%



Detroit diesel VM756R turbo diesel with supercharging air cooling Common rail

6 cylinders in line EURO VI

162 HP (120 kW) at 2300 rpm

Adblue additive injection

Vertical exhaust


Hydrostatic drive transmission on the back wheels 


Suspended, pressurised and air conditioned. 

2 plates with panoramic windscreen and ergonomic control console. 

Adjustable seat and steering column for added comfort. 

Sliding floor and glazed doors


215/75 R 17.5

Coupled back wheels


12 V 90 Ah

3 batteries Front floodlights

Front and rear direction indicators

Position lights

Back brake lights

Back reflectors

2 rotating lights (1 at the front over the cabin and 1 at the back over the casing)

Inside cabin ceiling light

Battery cut-off


Suction using a very wide nozzle placed under the cabin (direct view from the driving station through the glazed floor)

High suction diameter ARDOX® anti-abrasion

steel turbine Rotation speed 3200 rpm

High flow rate Turbine air discharge sound proofed using a stainless steel filter

PM10 certified

The tank can he fitted with a suction arm for occasional work (option) 


Sweeping width: very wide : 2400 mm

with front brush: 3100 mm (option)

2 sweeping levels for work on narrow pavements

Wetting pump included

Waste tank 

High quality

Net capacity: 3.5 m3

Collection height: 870 mm

Remotely controlled emptying

Manual suction pipe for piles of dead leaves, evacuation layers, etc. (option)

Decanting valve to drain the liquid phase without tipping

Water tank

Capacity : 1800 liters

Cleaning trollers

Fixed non  rear guiding axle

Per trollers :

1 rotating HP nozzle

1 suction socket (diameter : 140 mm)

1 flat HP nozzle

1 sweeper

1 guiding wheel

1 brush

High pressure pump

Max flowrate : 30l/min

max pressure : 280 bars

High pressure cleaning lance

Automatic reel 13 m

Adjustable twin jet gun

Mitra lance

Optional detergent mention device

Dashboard display 

Complete, the system displays the machine


work time

travel time

sweeping mileage

travel mileage

engine and turbine speeds

fluid level display (water, fuel)


Maintenance mode display: alarm and malfunction history troubleshooting assistance menus for electric components 

Sound emissions

Acoustic level: LwA = 106 dB (A)

External acoustic pressure: 77.2 dB(A) at 1450 rpm at 7.50m

In cabin with the windows open: 65.4 dB(A) at 1450 rpm

Rail guiding system

Guidance is provided by two guiding axles with two steel wheels. (diameter at front:300 / diameter at rear: 400)

The guiding wheels have the same profile as the elastic wheels commonly used on trams, profile adapted to use on grooved rails.


CMAR has demonstrated its road-rail sweeping capabilities for many years. Many towns and cities in France and elsewhere have adopted the CMAR sweeping solution for their trams.

Choosing CMAR Is the guarantee of a reliable, effective product and a quick to react service.

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