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R 2500 Hot water pavement Cleaner with Suction

The CMAR R 2500 is the market reference for compact street cleaners, it was the first to feature cleaning water suction.The CMAR R 2500 has a suction system that collects the water and all the dirt cleaned off by the high pressure and hot water.

The CMAR R 2500 is fitted with the latest CMAR technology and know-how providing exceptional ecological (water savings) and economic performances (low fuel consumption). As soon as it has passed, everything has been absorbed leaving the surface dry and clean, making it possible for it to be used in outdoor and indoor environments.

Spotless cleanliness!

Live from your towns and cities

R 2500 Hot water pavement Cleaner with Suction
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The vehicle is fitted with a hydrostatic drive compact vehicle, 4-wheel drive and 4 directional wheels, differential and inter-bridge locking. 



Euro VI 80 KW (110 HP)


4 ventilated disk brakes with ABS


2-Seater panoramic cabin with high comfort suspended seats

Hydraulic circuit

Variable flow pump


Stainless steel

Equipment control

Colour touch screen


Stainless steel coil, temperature up to 80°C

High pressure hot water circuit
30 l/min and 280 bars 
Scouring dome

Equipée de 2 joints tournants haute performance

Working width : 1,20 m 

Left and right hydraulic offset

Suction turbine

5400 m³/h

Clean water

1150 litres 

Dirty water

1100 litres 


6000 kg 


L 5700 mm - W1350 mm - H 2170 mm

Dry passage after its passage thanks to its suction system.

50% energy savings thanks to the use of a single boiler.

30% water savings using a single passage without rinsing.

Indoor work possible (for example industrial buildings, car parks...), in retail zones at any time of the day, in all circumstances.

Many towns and cities in France and elsewhere have adopted this premium machine

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