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L 2500 cold water pavement cleaner

The L 2500 is especially suited for city centre street care.

Its cleaning, washing and snow clearance capacities will make it essential all year round. Thanks to the performances of its hydraulic system, L 2500 gives faultless cleaning quality while respecting the environment.

The best in cleaning and attractive in design, it enhances your city's image.

Live from your towns and cities

L 2500 cold water pavement cleaner
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This compact hydrostatic drive L 2500 cold water pavement cleaner, with 4-wheel drive and 4 directional wheels is the most sold street cleaner in France.

Its reinforced 2200 litres polyester tank gives it maximum working autonomy. Fitted with a telescopic cleaning bar from 1.20 m to 2.50 m and operating pressure of up to 80 bars, the CMAR pavement cleaner meets all the requirements for urban cleaning.  

Its 360° directional cleaning arm with built-in automatic winder allows it to pass under store awnings and through portals. The 2 fishtail type side sprays make it possible to clean under cars.

With a flow pressure of 30 L / 200 bars, and an automatic 13 m hose winder, the HP unit option makes it possible to work with a lance, with the CC 600 cleaning dome or the CC 1200 cleaning bell.  

The vehicle has 4-wheel drive and differential and inter-bridge locking.  



1st: 0-12 km/h

2nd: 0-25 km/h


Reinforced U profile frame


4 ventilated disk brakes 

ABS System

Double circuit power hydraulics on front and back

Wheels Handbrake on the back wheels Braking

Corrector depending on the load


Hydrostatic on the front wheels 

4 directional wheels Back

Steering bridge with possibility of crab or circle movement 

Turning radius between pavements 3290 mm


Front: Helical springs Telescopic shock absorbers

Back Panhard bar: Helical springs

Telescopic shock absorbers

Anti yaw stabiliser bar CMAR


Compact carrier cabin Panoramic

  • Liding side windows
  • Doors glazed at the bottom
  • 2 high comfort suspended seats
  • Height, back and position adjustable driver seat
  • Height and back adjustable passenger seat
  • Winder safety belts
  • Interior lighting
  • Driver and passenger sun shield
  • Two foldable external rear view mirrors
  • Windscreen washer
  • High performance 2-speed 6-nozzle ventilation system (windscreen, side windows and floor)
  • Blackson protection on the cabin underside Insulating tinted windows
  • Pitch and height adjustable steering column.

Defrosting windscreen Dashboard and instruments

  • TFT display on-board computer: coolant circuit water temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, clock, daily and total mileage, daily and total service hour counter, battery voltage, warning signal when there is a water and hydraulic oil temperature malfunction, dial rev counter, dial fuel gauge, dial speedometer, Adblue level gauge  
  • Indicator lamps for: vehicle indicators, engine oil pressure, parking brake, brake fluid, headlights, cooling water level, tipper control, air filter and hydraulic oil. 
  • Switches/keys: headlights, gear change, 4-wheel drive, differential lock, ventilation, emergency lights, rotating light control, cigar lighter. Fuse box with a transparent cover on the dashboard. Combined switch on the steering column: intermittent windscreen wiper and washer system, horn, dipped headlights, full beam headlights, warning lights, turn-by-turn indicator with automatic recall, dial rev counter on the central column.  



Two service hydraulic circuits with variable flow pump 4 distributors (2 x 60 l/min - 240 bars) Each flow is regulated by an electronic variable drive 8 couplings and 2 return pipes at the front 2 couplings and 1 return pipe at the back 4 electronic command distributors, controls grouped together on a "Joystick" type multifunction lever giving the operator flexible use for driving and the handling of tools


CONTINENTAL 225 / 75 R 16

Front plate

Hydraulic lifting for various accessories Lifting force 500 daN maximum at the base plate level


Compliant with the highway code with rear fog light, reverse light Rear LED lights Height adjustable rotating light at the back of the cabin Work floodlights for better view of the zone to be treated


White RAL 9010

Weight GVW

Empty weight*

Load on the front bridge

Load on the back bridge

*This weight may vary slightly depending on the selected options

6000 kg 

3300 kg 

max. 3200 kg 

max. 3200 kg 




Total length with bar

Total width

Total height


Ground clearance Turning

Radius between pavements 


4840 mm

1350 mm 

2065 mm

2190 mm

1030 mm

200 mm

3290 mm

The L 2500 cold water pavement cleaner is the normal evolution of the Euro 5 L 2500 cleaner that has been manufactured by CMAR for many years. Fitted with a Euro 6 direct injection 80 Kw engine, this cleaner meets all the latest environmental requirements.

With its compact size and fitted with the latest technology, the L 2500 perfectly integrates your urban environment, to make it shine. Thanks to its 4x4 mode and its quick summer/winter equipment removal system, the CMAR L 2500 cleaner can be converted to a tool carrier, with a salt spreader at the back and a snow clearance blade at the front. This makes the CMAR pavement cleaner a completely versatile tool.

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