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100% hydrogen sweeper Green Machines 500 H2

Zero polluting emissions, practically no noise emissions, powerful and economical, the breakthrough innovation at the service of your City.

The compact 100% hydrogen sweeper CMAR Green Machines 500 H2 represents the new generation of ecological road cleaning machines. Thanks to its innovative design, it is able to cover areas inaccessible to other sweepers. It contains two fixed hydrogen tanks and a 15 kW SME fuel cell to ensure a large working capacity.

The CMAR Green Machines 500 H2 can operate for up to 11 hours without interruption. A new version is available for cities without the necessary infrastructure: the 500 H2-Pod. The 500 H2-Pod is equipped with a system of removable cartridges where it is sufficient to replace an empty H2-Pod cartridge by a new one to continue the work. This operation only takes a few seconds.


Live from your towns and cities

100% hydrogen sweeper Green Machines 500 H2
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The implementation of the 100% hydrogen compact sweeper CMAR Green Machines 500 H2

The panoramic view provides improved safety. Vehicle management is also innovative with its on-board monitoring, detection and diagnostic systems for ease of use and simplified problem solving. The ergonomic design of the cab and control panel ensures optimum operating comfort.

Guaranteed good conduct
The sweeper provides full access to all essential systems for simplified and accelerated commissioning and maintenance. The design is high quality, robust, reliable and durable for demanding sweeping jobs.

High quality equipment

The sweeper is equipped with specific plates with side openings producing a large cyclone that releases dust and detritus downwards from the air flow. It has a double tank of 4 kg of hydrogen (2x2kg) for an uninterrupted working autonomy of 11 hours, with a 700 bar charge in just a few minutes. The H2-Pod system has a capacity of 1.1kg, which offers half a day's working autonomy with a bottle change in just a few seconds.
The two independently operating brushes allow efficient sweeping even around obstacles. The brushes can widen over a 1.90 metre track for optimal cleaning.

Efficiency is improved with a single intelligent button that switches from cleaning mode to driving mode with a single press.


Sweeping system



Sweeping zone width

Minimum (brushes retracted) : 1300 mm

Maximum (brushes fully extended) : 1900 mm

Sweeping container capacity


Dust removal system

Dust filtering

Filtering by separation in 3 steps

Step 1: Specific cyclone plates with side openings

Step 2: Stainless steel flat filter.

Step 3: Double cyclones

Dust removal system

CloudMaker® Standard

Vacuum pump turbine

Steel alloy 10 blade


Transmission system


Three-phase AC motors with DC/AC reversing vector control - per rear differential axle.

PME fuel cell (proton exchange membrane) with a power of 15 kW.

Working autonomy 500 H2 (with fixed tanks)Up to 11 hours
Tank capacity4kg (2x2kg) with a power of 700 bar
Working autonomy 500 H2-Pod1/2 day
Cartridge capacity (Pod system)1.1kg (2x0.55kg) with a power of 300 bar
SuspensionFront and rear suspension helical car springs with shock absorbers
Driving speedUp to 25 km/h
Sweeping speedFrom 0 to 12 km/h


Machine data

Length3330 mm 
Width1200 mm
Height 1980 mm 

Maximum permissible weight (GVW)

2325 kg
Wheelbase 1400 mm
From pavement to pavement5500 mm
From wall to wall3550 mm 

Towns and cities, a living environment

First impressions are essential, both in terms of human encounters and when exploring towns and cities. Clean parks, streets and pavements not only guarantee a city's good public image for its visitors and inhabitants. They are also a sign of the perfection and accuracy of its administration. It also encourages citizens to respect the appearance of public spaces. In the cleaning sector, the smallest details are just as important as the largest, in particular because they are assessed by a critical audience. In that context, profitability criteria are as essential as environmental compatibility.

The objective of our CMAR Green Machines is to make a decisive contribution to clean towns and cities by offering effective and sophisticated sweepers. The 500 H2, the first 100% hydrogen sweeper with zero carbon emissions, represents the latest technology offered by this engineering work.

It not only meets the objective of sustainability in urban centres, but is also particularly attractive, especially in terms of cost. In fact, for communities that already have a 500 Ze electric sweeper, it is possible to simply exchange the Lithium-ion batteries for H2-Pod hydrogen cartridges to sweep in 100% hydrogen.

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