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L 2500 H compact pavement cleaner

The CMAR L 2500 H is the first street care vehicle of its kind. Pioneering CMAR has initiated deployment of hybrids in this segment, winning itself the 2013 Prize for Innovation at the Mayor and Local Authority trade show.

The interest of such a product

Electric mode guarantees noise comfort in city centres, then the hybrid mode limits CO2 emissions and guarantees the protection of the environment.

Several operating modes

For cleaning and scouring activities, the vehicle is driven by an internal combustion engine; the engine is at low speed (900 rpm) thereby guaranteeing minimum noise. The cleaning bar is driven by an electric motor.

For static work,with the vehicle stopped, the machine is in 100% electric mode. Electricity autonomy is about 3 hours. When working in hybrid mode, an alternator built into the machine continuously recharges the battery: work time is therefore unlimited.

Documents disponibles :

  L2500H (format pdf)

Live from your towns and cities

L 2500 H compact pavement cleaner
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This hydrostatically driven compact CMAR L 2500 H carrier with its 4-wheel drive and directional wheels is the new generation of street cleaners.

Its 1500 litre reinforced polyester tank gives it maximum working autonomy. Fitted with a telescopic cleaning bar from 1.20 m to 2.50 m and operating pressure of up to 80 bars, the CMAR pavement cleaner meets all the requirements for urban cleaning

Its 360° directional cleaning arm with built-in automatic winder allows it to pass under store awnings and through portals. The 2 "fishtail" type side sprays make it possible to clean under cars.

The L 2500 H's key points are silence and reduced operating costs

Moteur VMEURO 6 VM Engine Diesel 4 cylinders with turbocompressor
Displacement2970 m³
Power 80 kW from 2300 to 2600 tr/min (108 CV)
Max. torque420 Nm at 1100 tr/min
alternator 12 V / 105 A
exhaustCatalytic exhaust with particle filter; SRC System (Selective Catalytic reduction)
Adblue tank capacity capacity 15 litres
Emissions meets the technical requirements for the EURO 6 standard


Other specifications

  • Automotive control,
  • hydrostatic 2 gear ranges,
  • 4-wheel drive,
  • 4 directional wheels,
  • Differential and inter-bridge locking,
  • Hydraulic servo-brake,
  • Double circuit power hydraulics on the front,
  • Back wheels Handbrake,
  • Transfer box Braking corrector depending on the load,
  • Hydrostatic on the front,
  • wheels Back steering bridge,
  • Possibility of crab or circular movement Turning,
  • radius between pavements 2.55 m,
  • Helical springs at the front,
  • Back Adjustable telescopic shock absorbers at the front and back.


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