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Brock VS 6 M chassis Local authority sweeper

The VS 6 M developed by BROCK and CMAR is a new generation of sweepers, installed on a heavy goods vehicle chassis, fast moving, for short or long distances, suitable for local authorities but not only: it has proven itself in all sweeping and cleaning situations.

It is more modern, more practical, more silent and more economical. The Brock VS 6 M sweeper takes into account the protection of the environment and user comfort.

Live from your towns and cities

CMAR in video

A French manufacturer of special vehicles and urban cleaning machines, CMAR is the European leader in urban scouring and the building of special vehicles

Constantly seeking quality, CMAR researches, innovates and modernises its equipment in line with urban evolution. CMAR has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and has its own integrated design office.

Use in all situations As at home on a light public works building site as on your city streets, the Brock VS 6 M is the sweeper for all situations. Thanks to its short 3300 mm wheelbase, it is at home in towns and cities and meets the requirements of French local authority groupings, combining performance and low operating costs.

On a SCANIA 19 tonnes, 320 HP carrier, the Brock VS 6 M sweeper has been designed without an auxiliary motor or hydrostatic drive, it is a rear engine power take-off that drives the turbine and the brushes. By keeping the standards of the BROCK TP sweeper, the Brock VS 6 M is also at home on work sites.

Comfortable in all situations Ideal for work site exits, this sweeper is the solution for private companies, combining versatility and low cost of ownership. With its 6m3 volume of waste and 1200 litres of water, this sweeper can face up to all situations 

The Brock VS 6 M sweeper chassis is a SCANIA P320 CB44x2MHZ with a 3300 mm wheelbase.

General chassis information

Usage type
Road care vehicle
Chassis type
Truck class product
Truck model
Transport type
Carrier chassis
adaptation 4x2 axle configuration
vehicle configuration 4x2 Class M
Steering position on the right
Steering system
1 circuit
Steering force
as per 92/62/EC directive

Chassis dimensions

Wheelbase Chassis height

Chassis width

Maximum truck height


3300 mm

2550 mm

4 metres 


Legal weight

Front axle legal weight

Weight equal 1st back axle

GVWR/AGVW Community reception





19000/22500WVTA incomplete 


D9 l engine

  • engine type: DC09 133 320 XPI SCR euro 6
  • Reinforced turbocompressor 
  • Electronic fan control Open mode case ventilation
  • Casing gas recycling Fan engine ratio 1:1
  • Cooler curtain Engine 

PTO ED120 flangeable 

The ED120P power take-off is on the rear of the engine as standard. It is designed to directly drive equipment: Gear ratio: 1:1.19 

Drive train Engine Maximum torque: 600 Nm.

Vehicle moving fitted with Opticruise max. 200 Nm 


Electric preparation PTO ED 1

circuit The electric preparation for the installation of a single circuit power take-off implies that the required parameters be programmed in the control unit and that the wiring is pre-laid at the chassis and dashboard levels. The switch is not included.  

Gearbox GRS905 The EG650P power take-off is located on the right side of the gearbox at the “5 o’clock” position.

It runs anticlockwise compared to the movement direction and is designed to drive a directly connected item of equipment. 

Chassis Generals

Gear ratio

1:1 in the low range and 1:1.24 on the high range


Maximum torque
1200 Nm
Suspension and load
Front/rear leaf spring suspension Front suspension 2x32 parabolic Front axle type AM900 price - front axle type not applicable
Front axle technical load
7.5t Price front leaf spring suspension
Front stabiliser bar
Comfort front shock absorbers 3x24 + 1X41 parabolic rear suspension
Rear axle technical load


Installation on a heavy goods vehicle chassis with a GVWR of 16 to 18 tonnes

Short wheel base
3300 mm 


Other specifications

  • Stainless steel waste tank volume 6 m³.
  • Water tank: 1200 or 2000 litres.
  • Sweeping width up to 3300 mm (makes it possible to treat avenues in a single pass).
  • Directional drawn 1500 mm central brush 2 level suction nozzle with flaps for large debris Single or double sweeping station.
  • Drawn or pushed side brush, diameter 700 mm Right brush pitch
  • Simultaneous work with both sweeping units High pressure unit 60 bars - 85 l/min.
  • Automatic winder with manual lance Directional front cleaning bar + side sprays
  • Rear 200 mm diameter suction arm Storage box

For your safety, the vehicle is fitted with a right and left camera, a pedestrian detection safety radar, LED lighting and a 360° camera.  

The Brock VS 6 M moves forward using the SCANIA chassis robotised gearbox, thereby providing optimum driving comfort. This sweeper is available in a choice of drawn or pushed brush versions.

All the equipment on this machine is standard:

  • left and right brushes,
  • simultaneous sweeping,
  • directional central brush,
  • HP pump 360° camera,
  • pneumatically assisted rear arm,
  • robotised gearbox,
  • HP pump with front bar,
  • Tri flash triangle
  • ...

The Brock VS 6 M sweeper is sturdy, reliable and electronics free.


The sweeping equipment and turbine are driven by the chassis engine rear power take-off. 

Use in sweeping mode is with the chassis original automatic robotised gearbox (no auxiliary motor, nor hydrostatic versions)



Given the absence of an auxiliary motor: maintenance costs and fuel consumption are very significantly reduced.



The noise is significantly reduced by the absence of an auxiliary motor and the fact that it runs at a low engine speed: between 800 and 1000 rpm. Furthermore, this sweeper is fully soundproofed in order to limit noise pollution a minimum.


Improved conditions

The new generation of gearboxes is much more flexible and comfortable for the driver.

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