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Multicar Tremo tool carrier

The Multicar Tremo carrier has been an international reference for compact street care vehicles for many years. CMAR has selected this carrier for its quality and strength. Premium quality at the best price thanks to decades of proven reliability

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A French manufacturer of special vehicles and urban cleaning machines, CMAR is the European leader in urban scouring and the building of special vehicles

Constantly seeking quality, CMAR researches, innovates and modernises its equipment in line with urban evolution. CMAR has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and has its own integrated design office.

The Multicar Tremo carrier is fitted with a compact hydrostatic drive, 4-wheel drive, 4 directional wheels and differential and inter-bridge locking.

The vehicle also has:

  • 4 ventilated disk brakes with ABS A
  • 2-seater panoramic cabin with high comfort suspended seats
  • hydraulic service circuits with variable flow pump equipment
  • control via colour touch screen 

It can contain a very high load to work with different tools 

Type M29

EURO 6VM, diesel 4 cylinders with turbocompressor 


2970 m³


80 kW from 2300 to 2600 rpm (108 HP)

Max. torque

420 Nm at 1100 rpm


12 v / 105 A


Catalytic exhaust with particle filter


SRC (Selective Catalytic Reduction)


Adblue 15 litres capacity


meets the technical requirements defined by the EURO 6 standard Control 


Hydrostatic automotive control

4-wheel drive

4 directional wheels


Reinforced U profile frame


4 ventilated disk brakes ABS system 

Hydrostatic steering

on the front wheels

4 directional wheels rear steering bridge

with possibility of crab or circular movement Most efficient turning radius on the market 


Ultra comfort suspension 

Tableau de bord et instruments 

Last generation dashboard and instruments


Two hydraulic service circuits with variable flow pump Controls grouped together on a multifunction “Joystick” type lever giving operators great flexibility of use for both driving and handling tools.


Bridgestone 225 / 75 R 16

Front plate

for various accessories

Very high lifting force at the base plate level 


Compliant with the highway code with rear fog light, reverse light Rear LED lights 

Weight GVW

Excellent working load to combine load and power


Ultra compact machine for city centres

Very small turning radius between pavements

The Tremo Multicar carrier is a true tool carrier, a sort of Swiss army knife that can be fitted with a multitude of tools to work both in summer and winter. 

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