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UNIMOG road-rail shunting

CMAR, specialist and road-rail expert in France and elsewhere, proposes high capacity shunting vehicles.

Thanks to the Unimog, you can tow the heaviest loads and benefit from the flexibility and agility of Road-Rail.

Live from your towns and cities

CMAR in video

A French manufacturer of special vehicles and urban cleaning machines, CMAR is the European leader in urban scouring and the building of special vehicles

Constantly seeking quality, CMAR researches, innovates and modernises its equipment in line with urban evolution. CMAR has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and has its own integrated design office.

The CMAR Road-Rail solution is a very advantageous solution to tow on rails

Our products are very versatile thanks to the Road-Rail system, which is much less expensive than a locomotive, which is also more expensive to operate. Our vehicles are exceptionally comfortable thanks to the Unimog, and the traction capacities are exceptional due to the contact of the tyre on the rails. 

Besides its shunting capacities, the Unimog Road-Rail can be fitted with many items of equipment:

  • SETRA type base plate to which, for example, snow clearance equipment can be fitted (blade, brush, V-blade)
  • Power generator

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