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UNIMOG snow clearance road-rail

At home in all situations, the Unimog has more than one strength, even in winter.

It is the master of winter viability thanks to its power and its high GVW. It can be fitted with 4 m³ salters, including with brine, and 3.60 m snow plough blades.

Its front power take-off drives snow cutters or high power turbo-cutters. Brine spreaders and brine plants can also be fitted on the Unimog. Therefore, using a Unimog very interesting snow clearance output can be achieved.

Snow clearance operations are carried out accurately

Live from your towns and cities

CMAR in video

A French manufacturer of special vehicles and urban cleaning machines, CMAR is the European leader in urban scouring and the building of special vehicles

Constantly seeking quality, CMAR researches, innovates and modernises its equipment in line with urban evolution. CMAR has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and has its own integrated design office.

Unimog is effective and shines in the tool carrier sector.

Leading edge technology from the series, a perfected concept and new know-how: its flexibility is based on an effective chassis.

Unimog performances:

  • the available engines deliver up to 220 kW (300 hp).
  • The gearbox is more efficient using functional gear ranges.
  • The improved VarioPower(R) power hydraulics allows increased productivity.
  • The proportional control working hydraulics allows precise tool control.
  • The maximum speed is 90 km/h.
  • Unimog gives all-terrain versatility.

Respectful of the ground, fast and safe on the road, it has a high working load and exemplary drive. Unimog meets the most complex requirements and current constraints with reduced costs per kilometre.

Fitted with four bodywork and equipment mounting locations as well as with mechanical, hydraulic and electric drive systems for tools, Unimog is extremely versatile, delivering the energy required for over 1000 different applications.

Unimog makes it possible to change tools and items of equipment in a few moments. Unimog has a fast equipment and tool uncoupling system. With its multiple capacities and its four assembly and fixing points, the new Unimog can be used all year round, as much at home with brush clearance work as with winter work. The vehicle can support snow clearance blades, salt spreaders, brine stations, snow cutters and snow sweepers.

Unimog is economic and is an investment for the future. Through its extreme potential, adaptable to all terrains and all situations, the tool carrying Unimog is the enemy of snow covered roads. You will no longer be taken unaware: the snow clearance tool will be ready as soon as the first snowflakes begin to fall.

  • Multi-purpose vehicle usable all year round, with over 1000 possible applications.
  • Low fuel, AdBlue and engine oil consumption.
  • Ultramodern Mercedes-Benz propulsion technology that is effective and proven in mass production.
  • Low maintenance cost due to the reduced maintenance frequency.
  • New, easy-to-maintain cooling system.
  • Powerful top-end engine brake.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • Unimog is ecological, to protect the future.

Unimog is developing a new generation of clean motorisations: BlueEFFICIENCY Power compliant with the Euro VI pollution standards. This technology makes it possible to drastically reduce particle emissions by up to 90 % compared to the previous Euro V engines.

Unimog is not just for travelling. It is designed to work in extreme conditions, day in day out, while providing ease of use and comfort.

The Unimog cabin and driving station were designed to provide optimum working conditions, so that each mission can be carried out calmly with peace of mind. Unimog drivers have a host of practical equipment: multifunction steering wheel, adjustable steering column, radio with CD player and Bluetooth hands free system, numerous storage areas...

Unimog, the drivers ally, even in winter.

The Unimog heating and air conditioning system guarantee that the inside temperature is always pleasant.

The heated driver seat and the programmable extra heating allow drivers to start work at any time of the day or night.

As soon as the vehicle is started, the heated windows and rear view mirrors provide optimum visibility.

The Mercedes Unimog has more than one strength, even in winter. Thanks to its power and its high GVW, it can be fitted with salt spreaders, blades or a brine spreader.

Mercedes Unimog snow clearance a tool carrier at home in all situations.

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