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Green Machines 400 (GM2) Compact sweeper

The CMAR Green Machines 400 (GM2) series sweeper is the result of 40 years of continuous development and includes the very latest technical innovations. It is therefore specially suited for cleaning, even in the most constraining open air zones, and can bear the pressure of daily use?

Live from your towns and cities

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A French manufacturer of special vehicles and urban cleaning machines, CMAR is the European leader in urban scouring and the building of special vehicles

Constantly seeking quality, CMAR researches, innovates and modernises its equipment in line with urban evolution. CMAR has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and has its own integrated design office.

CMAR Green Machines 400 (GM2) sweeper simple operation and intuitive controls.

Dust is filtered in two steps; inside the waste bag, a nylon filter directs particles and dirt to a classic plastic waste bag, while breathable dust is collected and agglomerated together in the washable filter bag. This compacts the waste and increases productivity. The turbine draws the waste inside and reduces its volume by two thirds thanks to its cutting capacity. Pieces of glass are reduced to the size of a grain of sand. 

Quality equipment and accessories.

It has a built-in storage space to stow all staff equipment (waterproof clothing, tools, waste bags). The sweeper has a flexible pipe for improved range. It has a water-based dust management system. The sprays fitted on the sweeping brushes and the suction pipe on the GM2 series control the development of dust. 

Guaranteed good driving.

It has a low centre of gravity for optimised resistance to deposits and more balanced driving.

The sweeper has built-in safety.

The automatic machine shut-down function if the driver releases the controls guarantees constant pedestrian safety. It has accelerated operation with a maximum speed of 16km/h and an on-board pilot version or a step at the back. 

Sweeping system

Type Air sweeper
Cleaning track

Minimum 1170 mm

Sweeping brush470 mm
Brush range (beyond the front part of the machine)440 mm
Flow (max.)284 L
Disposable bag size (standard waste bag)110 à 200 L
Suction pipe diameter200 mm
Hose :Length2,2 m
Diameter100 mm

Dust removal system

 Dust filtering system

Step 1: Nylon screen

Step 2: Synthetic material washable filter bag

Spray with side brush70 L

Propulsion system

Standard engineKubota Z482-E diesel 9 kW
Tank capacity9,5 L
Fuel consumption per hour (estimated)1 L


Models 414 S2D and 414 RS

Models 424 TR

Models 424 HS


Up to 8,8 km/h

Up to 8,8 km/h

Up to 16 km/h

Reverse speedUp to 4,8 km/h
Sweeping speed 8 km/h
Braking distance (25% 11°)610 mm

Machines dimensions

Width (all models)1140 mm

Length :

Model 414 S2D 

Model 414 RS

Model 424 TR and 424 HS 


2510 mm

2997 mm

3550 mm

Height : 

Model 414 S2D

Model 414 RS

Model 424 TR and 424 HS

Model 424 TR

Model 424 HS with cabin 


1143 mm

1243 mm 

1397 mm

1954 mm

Weight : 

Model 414 S2D 

Model 414 RS 

Model 424 TR and 424 HS

Model 424 TR and 424 HS with cabin 


400 kg

440 kg

520 kg 

545 kg

Turning radius (between walls)

Model 414 S2D and 414 RS

Model 424 TR and 424 HS 


1350 mm

2400 mm

Towns and cities, a living environment.

First impressions are essential, both in terms of human encounters and when exploring towns and cities. Clean parks, streets and pavements not only guarantee a city’s good public image for its visitors and inhabitants.

They are also a sign of the perfection and accuracy of its administration. It also encourages citizens to respect the appearance of public spaces. In cleaning matters, profitability criteria are as essential as environmental compatibility. The objective of our CMAR Green Machines is to make a decisive contribution to clean towns and cities by offering effective and sophisticated sweepers.

The electric command, carbon emission-free models represent the most recent technology available through this engineering work. They not only meet urban centre sustainability objectives, but are also especially attractive in terms of cost. 

We have also succeeded in improving the performances of the conventional motorisations of our fleet using a host of smart details. For towns and cities, for their inhabitants, for the environment and all those who take care of it day after day. 

Welcome to CMAR Green Machines!

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