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Green Machines 636 (GM6) Compact Sweeper

Dirt doesn’t stand a chance with the CMAR Green Machines 636 compact sweeper.

Whether in a busy city centre, in a car park or any other open air zone requiring professional cleaning, the GM6 leaves nothing behind apart from positive opinions.

Thanks to its significant reduction in water consumption and its innovating design details, its reduced maintenance and labour costs.

Live from your towns and cities

CMAR in video

A French manufacturer of special vehicles and urban cleaning machines, CMAR is the European leader in urban scouring and the building of special vehicles

Constantly seeking quality, CMAR researches, innovates and modernises its equipment in line with urban evolution. CMAR has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and has its own integrated design office.

The Green Machines 636 (GM6) compact sweeper in application

Sweeper safety is improved by its panoramic view. Its use is made easier and troubleshooting simplified by built-in system monitoring.

An on-board LCD screen shows operators and mechanics data in real time

The vehicle management is innovating. The on-board monitoring, detection and troubleshooting systems make it easy to use and simplify troubleshooting.

The ergonomic cabin and control panel design provide optimum work safety

Quality equipment. The sweeper contains flat stainless steel filters in the air flow to give improved equipment service life. It has specific plates with side openings that produce a cyclone that releases dust and debris to the bottom of the air flow.

Guaranteed good driving

It is comfortable to drive and the safety similar to a car thanks to its four wheel drive and independent suspension. Safety is guaranteed at high speeds (up to 40 km/h) by the stability provided by the Vari-Track® extendible front axle.

The sweeping system

The compact sweeper has two independently operated brushes for effective sweeping, even around obstacles. Each brush pressure can be controlled separately from the cabin to perfectly adapt to the quality of the surface to be cleaned. Sweeping performance is improved by a stainless steel 1.5m³ container.

 Sweeping System

Sweeping zone width

Minimum (brushed retracted) : 1300 mm

Maximum (brushes fully extended) : 2050 mm 

Capacity of the sweepings container 1,5 m³
Sweepings container materialStainless steel

Dust removal system

Dust filtering

In three steps.

Step 1: Specific cyclone plates with side openings.

Step 2: Stainless steel flat filter.

Step 3: Double cyclones.  

Vacuum pump turbine

Steel alloy 12 blade.

System type

CloudMaker® Standard

Transmission system

Standard engineKubota 1505T Diesel 31.4 kW
suspensionFront and rear suspension: fully independent Driving
speedUp to 40 km/h
SweepingFrom 0 to 13 km/h
Front wheel gaugeAhead
Sweeping mode1130 mm 
Driving mode1400 mm 

Machine data

LengthStandard machine3450 mm
WidthMachine width 1140 mm
Height Warning signs folded towards the inside 1980 mm 
GVWR 2550 kg
Wheelbase 1400 mm 
From pavement to pavement3250 mm
From wall to wall4100 mm 


Technical data may be modified without notice.

* If admissible 

The city, a living environment

First impressions are essential, both for human encounters and when exploring a town or city. Clean parks, streets and pavements not only guarantee a city’s good public image for its visitors and inhabitants. They are also a sign of the perfection and accuracy of its administration. It also encourages citizens to respect the appearance of public spaces. In the cleaning sector, the smallest details are just as important as the largest, in particular because they are assessed by a critical audience. In this context, profitability criteria are as essential as those for environmental compatibility.

The objective of our CMAR Green Machines is to make a decisive contribution to clean towns and cities by offering effective and sophisticated sweepers. The electric command, carbon emission-free models represent the most recent technology available through this engineering work. They not only meet urban centre sustainability objectives, but are also especially attractive in terms of cost. 

We have also succeeded in improving the performances of the conventional motorisations of our fleet using a multitude of smart details. For towns and cities, for their inhabitants, for the environment and all those who take care of it day after day.

Welcome to CMAR Green Machines !


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