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4x4 UNIMOG truck fitted for brush clearance

UNIMOG represents the optimum efficiency and productivity for the brush clearance sector

The Unimog can be fitted with many different tools to cut, clear, fell using up to 3 cutters at the same time.

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4x4 UNIMOG truck fitted for brush clearance
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Historically, Unimog is the brush clearance reference

It has unique advantages for all local authorities or private contractors:

  • a speed of 90 km/h to limit transfer times
  • Strength and reliability that have made this Mercedes-Benz truck a success
  • Optimum working positions with an ergonomic driver position
  • Clearance and stability that make it very safe
  • Driver comfort worthy of Mercedes-Benz
  • Versatility that makes it just as home cutting in summer as clearing snow in winter 

Besides its cutting capacities, the UNIMOG designed for brush clearance can also be fitted with many items of equipment. SETRA type base plate that can be fitted with snow clearance equipment for example (blade, brush, V-blade); power generator with 220 V socket on the platform but also on a cheery picker, large storage lockers, pantograph, front handling crane, etc. 

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