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MULTICAR M31 compact tool carrier

This chassis travels at up to 90 km/h, it can therefore reach snow clearance sites quickly Wider than the TREMO chassis, it can be fitted with a front snow clearance blade 1.80 m wide.

Live from your towns and cities

CMAR in video

A French manufacturer of special vehicles and urban cleaning machines, CMAR is the European leader in urban scouring and the building of special vehicles

Constantly seeking quality, CMAR researches, innovates and modernises its equipment in line with urban evolution. CMAR has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and has its own integrated design office.

The multicar M31 is a reference. It combines multifunctional capacities, profitability and agility with the highest user safety and comfort requirements.

Its ergonomically optimised cabin design with unique DEKRA certified safety equipment makes driving it a real pleasure. Non-tiring work with better visibility will hearten your employees. Variable efficiency is provided by a three point lifting system for over 300 device combinations with a quick change system at the front and a ball and socket changing system at the back.

The CMAR tool carrier is an M 31H type, a 3-circuit hydraulic vehicle (EURO 6: 4x4) with a hydrostatic drive. 

Weight and dimensions

Wheelbase 2450 mm
Length 4735 mm
Width1630 mm
Height 2200 mm
GVWR5700 kg
Working load 2700 kg

Tyres : Conti 285/65/R16C "M&S"



  • Strong torsion resistant profiled steel chassis,
  • modular design Deep black RAL 9005
  • paintwork Independent wheel suspension with
  • helical springs at the front Rigid axle with stabiliser and gradual leaf spring suspension at the back
  • Front and back hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers
  • Rear bridge with drive and electronic propulsion control
  • Front steering axle and on 4x4 version drive axle Side
  • mud guard with synthetic coating and wings in synthetic materials
  • Back support for the assembly of a trailer ball Driver



The tip-over driver cabin is spacious with a steel profile frame and synthetic material covering. The front, safety glass panoramic window provides excellent visibility. The doors are in two parts, in synthetic materials with electric windows.

It has excellent side visibility with its large glazed surface areas and extra visibility in the lower part of the doors. The heating has three settings, there are two interior air outlets (at a height), five outlets towards the front window, two side outlets, two floor outlets and a lit control panel. The driver and passenger seats are comfortable and length and height adjustable.

The seat backs can also be adjusted. The coatings are noise-proof and insulating, the silentblocks are made from recyclable synthetic materials. The tool carrier is fitted with electric de-frosting panoramic rear view mirrors on the left and right and driver and passenger sun shields. It is also pre-wired for radio and telephone. Climbing on and off the machine is easy and safe using the extra handles. The vehicle is painted in RAL 9010 white.




Engine Iveco type F1C E6; 4 cylinders in line, 3l displacement; 110 kW/150 HP at 3500 rpm; Torque of 320 Nm at 1300 rpm
Injection system

Common Rail (Bosch)

Euro 6 emissions values 

As per the CE 595/2009

standard Fuel tank

90 litres

Other specifications

Turbocompressor and charge air cooling

Radiator cooled by a viso-coupler Electronic

engine control

using an electronic regulator and Tempomat vertical exhaust


Maximum vehicle speed not limited

70 km/h



Speed limited

25 km/h

speed ranges

driving : 0-25 km/h

working : 0-12 km/h




The power steering is hydraulic with ball nuts. It is precise and flexible. 


The vehicle is fitted with a 4 circuit ABS with electronic control of the back bridge traction.

All 4 wheels have ventilated disk brakes. An electronic brake pad wear indicator enhances safety, they are asbestos-free and automatic braking correction is installed. The drum parking brake prevents movement when on. Light indicators warn of a brake circuit fault and of the brake fluid level. 

3 circuit hydraulic system It is made to drive the raised accessories and equipment as well as a quick coupling system for front-mounted equipment. There is an 80 l/min flow rate and a maximum pressure of 200 bars. I

t allows operation via an independent hydraulically controlled power take-off and the adjustable axial pump. The automatically adjusted Load-Sensing command is designed for the variable distribution of the oil flow to the two main independent circuits and the control functions. T

he base equipment is fitted with two double action control functions and a work circuit at the front, behind the cabin on the left, with two flat size 3 quick couplings. There is an unlocking notch for the lifting cylinder and a floating position for the “lowering” control. The pressure offload function makes the changing of front equipment easier. The manual emergency stop control is provided for all functions. The vehicle is fitted with an oil radiator with a 7.5 Kw dissipation power as well as a 55l hydraulic oil tank with return filter, ventilation and drainage with top-up level indicator. The

electric installation

The tool carrier has:

  • a 12 V, 110 A alternator with built-in regulator A 12 V,
  • 2.5 kW starter A 12 V,
  • 100 Ah starter battery 2 H4 and 2 H7 headlights with adjustment of the front,
  • side and back flashing lights as well as warning lights
  • rear compact lights with rear fog light and reverse light Electronic tachometer with rev indicator,
  • windscreen washer with two parallel wiper blades and built-in nozzles
  • steering column combined switch switch to light the control panel
  • Interior LED lighting via door contact
  • 1 engine working hour counter
  • 1 hydraulic working hour counter
  • 1 LED rotating light
  • External thermometer 13
  • Socket at the back

The front system is composed of a base plate with built-in hydraulic lift and a “float” function. The three-way tipping bed is made from steel with foldable sides, 4 anchor points, red and white signage bands compliant with applicable regulations and rear or side hydraulic tipping.

Dimensions: 2.05 x 1.495 x 0.40 mm. 

This versatile tool carrier will meet all your needs. It will be an ideal ally whether for your companies, your town and city or your combined local authority. A single chassis for a multitude of works and tools, tipper, verge cutters, snow clearance, goods transport, etc. T

his CMAR MULTICAR chassis combines performance, fast movement and narrow roads, making it at home in the tightest of spots. Many towns and cities have adopted it, in particular in mountain areas, for both winter and summer use.

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